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Workplace Wellbeing Packages

There have been so many changes to our lives recently including our work lives. Many are working from home or a hybrid between home and the workplace. 

With a reduction in one to one and team presence as well as blurred lines between home and work time it is as important as ever that Holistic Health is a priority for organisations and their employees.

We offer a broad range of workplace solutions, many of which can be delivered remotely:

  • Onsite Remedial chair massage
  • Meditation sessions, courses and workshops
  • Group and individual coaching
  • Stress and anxiety management
  • Confidence and limiting beliefs
  • Developing relationships and communication
  • Improving sleep
  • Holistic Health


Onsite Remedial Chair Massage

Stress and tension can affect our ability to stay focussed and fully productive in the workplace. It may result in a breakdown of workplace relations and impact on our wellness, leading to absenteeism. 

This is where we come in! Massage is scientifically proven to lower stress. It reduces tension and can help to rejuvenate both the mind and body. 

We offer on-site upper body remedial massage therapy packages to support creating a happier and healthier team. 

Our specially designed equipment can be set up in a quiet area or meeting room, whilst taking up minimal space. 

  • Massage sessions of 15-20mins per person
  • Booking slots of 2-8hrs

2 hr: 6-8 people | 3 hr: 9-12 people | 4hr: 12-16 people


“Heather is a lovely lady and made me feel relaxed as soon as we started talking. She is an expert in her field and this is a treatment that I will be using to support my overall well-being going forward.”