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Llanite / Que Sera Crystal Goddess

Chakra: Throat, Heart

Astrological connection: Aquarius, Sagittarius

The Llanite or Que Sera Crystal Goddess is a symbol of serenity and balance, offering guidance and solace to those who seek her wisdom. She holds the depth of ancient knowledge and echoes  the whispers of the earth and stars.


This crystal possesses a unique ability to harmonise and balance the energies of their surroundings, fostering a sense of equilibrium and tranquility within the environment.  It offers solace and healing to the emotional body, assisting in the release of past traumas and fostering emotional resilience. 

Llanite / Que Sera crystals  also enhance intuition, clarity, and communication, empowering individuals to navigate life’s complexities with authenticity and grace. 

Warding off negativity and providing a grounding anchor amidst life’s challenges, Llanite / Que Sera crystals empower individuals to attract positive opportunities and materialise their aspirations into reality. 

Approx. 8 x 2.5 cm

Photo generic – sold singularly


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