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Dragon’s Blood Red Calcite

Chakra: Root

Astrological connection: Cancer

Dragon’s Blood Red Calcite is a dark, rich, blood coloured stone. 

Properties: Dragon’s Blood Red Calcite is an instigator of energy and motivation and can be placed at the door for protection. It’s a fearless stone which can help This powerful stone helps overcome fear and encourages action, enabling change and transformation. Like Red Calcite it has beautiful grounding energy which supports emotional and energetic boundaries as well as confidence. It’s a great stone for balancing hormones and mineral absorption. Dissolving blockages and feelings of being stuck it allows you to feel rejuvenated and revitalised. Known to dissipate aches and pains as well as lower blood pressure. It’s also great for issues with one’s joints, especially hips, and limbs.

Photo generic – sold singularly