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Cobalt Aura Quartz

Chakra: All

Astrological connection: All

Cobalt Aura Quartz is like a radiant gem from another world! It’s a sight to behold with its stunning metallic blue and iridescent hues, resembling a piece of the cosmos trapped in crystal form.

Properties: When you hold it, you can’t help but feel an electric buzz of positivity and emotional upliftment. Emotionally, it’s a mood booster, gently nudging away negativity and filling your heart with a sense of joy and inner peace. But what sets Cobalt Aura Quartz apart is its metaphysical magic. It’s said to connect you with higher realms, opening your mind to divine insights and enhancing your spiritual journey. Whether you’re seeking a cosmic energy boost or a crystal companion for daily inspiration, Cobalt Aura Quartz is your cosmic ticket to a brighter, more mystical existence!

Approx. 5 x 2 x 2cm


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