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Massage – Relax, Revive and Heal

We offer a range of massage treatments including  Swedish, Raynor Deep Tissue, Back, Neck and Shoulder and  Indian Head Massage. Massage Therapy has many benefits for the mind, body and soul, here’s just a few:

  • Increases circulation of blood and lymph
  • Relaxes tight muscles, tendon and ligaments improving posture & flexibility
  • Frees up nerve tissue that has had tight muscle tissue restricting it
  • Breaks up stored toxins in the body so that they can be eliminated more easily
  • Allows better organ and brain function by improving circulation and nerve supply
  • Assist healing of tissue by increasing circulation to that area
  • Breaks up fibrous adhesions around joint tissue
  • Pain relief and management
  • Depression, anxiety, stress and fatigue
  • Headaches & Insomnia

Swedish massage is a therapeutic massage treatment that works the soft tissues and muscles to help restore health – creating a calming and balancing effect on the nervous system.

woman, face down on treatment bench receiving a massage
woman face down receiving deep tissue massage around neck and shoulder

Rayner Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

This form of Deep Tissue Massage is developed from both Eastern and Western traditions, focusing on the person as one holistic organism – mind, body and soul – and that all these parts affect each other. It recognises that tensions can be caused by emotion and environment as well as physical impacts.

It works along the bands of tension from the body’s five anchor points: the head, hands and feet. These are not the same as tendons or ligaments and will vary in every person depending on where they hold their tension.

Removing residual tensions is like peeling an onion, starting with the topmost layer of tension, which can be the most obvious, then moving to the next layer that is held deeper in the body.

Suitable whether you have a specific issue or injury or are looking to improve your overall wellbeing.

Indian Head Massage Therapy

Indian Head Massage focuses on the whole upper part of your body. As well as being an incredibly relaxing therapy, there are so many health benefits:

  • Supports prevention of migraines, headaches and back pain
  • Promotes hair growth as a lovely side effect
  • Detoxifying the body by stimulating lymphatic drainage and blood flow
  • Alleviating sleeplessness, restlessness and insomnia by relieving stress and promoting relaxation
  • Relieving symptoms of anxiety and depression by encouraging the supply of oxygen to the brain
  • Increasing energy levels
  • Boosting memory functioning

If you’d like a real treat, why not try one of our nourishing Indian Head Massages with oil.


woman's head resting on a towel as she receives Indian head massage therapy


Raynor Deep Tissue Massage

60 mins  £60

90 mins  £85

Swedish/ Relaxing Massage

60 mins  £50

90 mins  £75

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage

30 mins  £30


Legs, Glutes and Feet Massage

30 mins  £30


Facial Massage incl. lower Arms and Hands

30 mins  £30

Indian Head Massage

30 mins  £30

45 mins with warm oil  £45


“Heather is a lovely lady and made me feel relaxed as soon as we started talking. She is an expert in her field and this is a treatment that I will be using to support my overall well-being going forward.”