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Holistic Coaching for a Better Life Balance

Are you struggling with who, where or how you are?

This can leave you feeling anxious, overwhelmed, out of place and full of self-doubt, whether that is in your work, personal or family life.  You know that you want change, but don’t know where or how to start.

I help individuals to create positive change in many aspects of their lives, leading to balance, developing strong self-esteem and building great relationships, at work as well as home.

I believe we all have an innate ability to achieve our dreams and grow far beyond our perceived potential. Contact me today obligation free, and let’s explore together how you can Optimise Your Life.

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NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

‘Seeing Life Differently Means Experiencing Life Differently’

NLP consists of 3 areas:

Neurology – the mind and how we think;

Linguistics – how we use language and how it affects us;

Programming – how we sequence our actions to achieve our goals.

One of the most powerful life skills we can possess is the ability to control our response to people and events around us. Here are just a few ways in which NLP can support change and growth:


  • Clarity on your vision, purpose & values
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs and increasing confidence
  • Strengthening relationships
  • Developing new strategies for problem-solving
  • Creating more freedom of choice and a positive mindset
  • Breaking unhelpful behavioural patterns
  • Dealing with unexpected life situations


“Heather is a lovely lady and made me feel relaxed as soon as we started talking. She is an expert in her field and this is a treatment that I will be using to support my overall well-being going forward.”