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Last Sunday saw the arrival of the Spring Equinox. The moment where day and night are equal in length. Balance exists in all that sustains our planet and in turn ourselves: dark and light, sun and rain, warmth and cold, male and female, thought and action. 

This Saturday 26th March, from 8:30 – 9:30pm, we are invited by WWF to take part in Earth Hour. This is an opportunity for us to reflect and set an intention to support and maintain equilibrium in the life of our planet. WWF ask us to join communities all over the world in reducing energy consumption, pollution and threat to wild habitats through the simple act of switching off our lights for one hour this Saturday. 

Sometimes events like these can feel like well-meaning but hopeless gestures. Today we are exposed to so many messages and pleas to live more environmentally conscious lives, that it can feel overwhelming. We start to question whether actions like this really make any difference, especially when the predictions and data don’t seem to be getting any better despite our best efforts.

Perhaps, to restore some hope and strengthen our intention, we could take this opportunity to focus on the changes that individuals and communities have brought about. For example, in the last decade, with help from volunteers and donations, the Woodland Trust has saved 1,172 woods in the UK. After being lobbied by people, organisations and not least, two young sisters, a certain fast-food chain no longer puts plastic toys in its children’s meals. These stories remind us we can make a difference. Our actions don’t need to be huge or headline grabbing. 

The aim of Earth Hour is to act as a catalyst for change. It is hoped that the shared action of switching off our lights will help us to feel part of one global community, setting a worldwide intention to bring our planet back into balance through action. Whatever small change we make, we should be mindful that we are not alone.  And in working to restore and maintain balance to the environment we may bring a stronger connection to all sentient beings including ourselves.

by Fearn