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Crystal Healing Therapy – Bringing Balance to Life and Mind

Crystal healing is based on the belief that we are all made up of different energies and that these can become unbalanced or blocked through internal and external influences which can lead to illness.

Using knowledge of the crystals and their distinctive properties and energies, your session will be tailored to you to support bringing emotional and physical balance where it is most needed. During the therapy selected crystals will be placed purposefully along your body’s chakras and energy channels (Nadi)

The session will begin with a consultation and will last for approximately 50 minutes

Variety of healing crystals arranged on a table top in front of an open book
An assortment of various crystals including a necklace

Why Crystals?

The word crystal derives from the Ancient Greek word krustallos, meaning both ‘ice’ and ‘rock’.

Their uses have been recorded since the start of humanity and in many cultures such as Celtic, Aztec, Chinese, African and North American. Crystals are also repeatedly mentioned in the bible.

Crystals form underground over millions of years and the mineral, from which a crystal grows as well as the conditions it grows in, is thought to influence the energetic effect of each type of crystal.

It is believed that the way crystals form enables them to hold energies that balance the environment around them. This includes the internal and external balance of the mind and body, making them a powerful tool for physical and emotional wellbeing as well as protecting against non-beneficial energies.


Crystal Healing Therapy

 Initial session (including consultation)  £65

50 mins   £50

Package of 3 sessions  £120


We also stock a range of Crystals and Crystal products including:

Individual pieces

Tumble stones

Chakra sets


Facial rollers

Tarot cards


Please contact us for more details on individual pieces and prices.


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Rebecca Noorian
Rebecca Noorian
18:08 15 Jun 21
I chose crystal healing because I was curious. Heather was warm and caring, talking me through the process and putting ... me at ease. I definitely felt lighter and more balanced within myself the next day and these feelings have continued. I will definitely go again. Thanks so much more
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